• Record Store Day 2024!

    Link to the full collection here.
  • ROAR Holiday Gift Guide - 2022

    A few years ago I saw a gift guide blog post on a woodworkers’ shop page while I was shopping for gifts for my brother. I liked that the woodworker wasn’t pushing products, just listing things he found useful throughout the year. Some were as little as $5 (a nice pencil) and some were in the $1,000 plus category. Given that record collectors are particularly hard to buy for (who can keep up with their loved one’s collection?), this list includes items that are *not* records at various price points. Rather, these are things that I’ve found make for a great listening experience and I think other record collectors will enjoy them. There are no referral links or anything like that. Since this is a casual gift guide, everything is under $225, with most items in the <$50 range. Nearly everything I’m recommending I acquired myself this year, so it’s fresh on my mind. 


    The following is my guide for this year!